Tree Service in Loxahatchee, FL

Our vision

We bring a different approach to tree care in South Florida.  The way in which we do this is by educating ourselves as well as our customers in proper tree and landscape practices.  Palm Beach County, FL is home many different species of plants and trees as well as many companies to choose from.  Observing common practices of our competition which are not acceptable arboricultural practices and informing our customers of the damage inflicted on their trees because of this separates us from the rest.  We hope to bring a higher standard of tree service to our service area improving the beauty of South Florida.

Our Story

Having many years of experience in tree service and landscaping our president, Michael Casey saw an opportunity to bring proper pruning practices to Palm Beach County, FL.  The extent of improper practices in this area motivated him to start a company so he could offer his extensive knowledge and skills to the residents of Wellington, Loxahatchee and all of Palm Beach County. Not only does he have a love for what he does but a true love and respect for the species of plants and trees he works with.  The owner is a true outdoors man and took the time to educate himself in the proper ways to care for our environment.  Michael takes pride in his trade and the time to let you understand why he is doing for the health and aesthetics of you trees and landscape.

Meet the Team

ISA Member

Michael Casey



ISA Member with 16 years experience in the tree care industry.

BBB Accredited

John Place

Vice President

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